Software Development Center

The company develops, supplies and implements software that fits perfectly into
the client's business processes.
SDC professionals use the many years of hands-on experience to thoroughly assess the details of the client's goals, eventually getting the results that are fully aligned with the client's needs.
About us
For each of our projects we create a unique team of some of the best professionals in the IT sector. They have a genuine understanding of your business challenges, as they are selected based on experience in that specific area. There is no need for you to spend time or money to get them into the details, as they already have a clear idea of your needs. Speaking the same language, they reach desired goals sooner.
Personalized approach is key to us. You don't have to adapt your processes to an external system. We will optimize our systems in line with your needs. In this way, you get higher quality service and a significant reduction of expenses.
Complete consulting cycle
We offer a complete cycle of services from TOR and project development to creating transparent and efficient management accounts.
We develop and implement unique software that meet all of our clients' needs. You don't just purchase a product but rather a customized solution to your goals.
Single IT service catalogue
Transparent and efficient IT management accounts
Provision of Service Level Agreement with the company
Description of processes to support provided IT services
Quality Managment Serviсe
A distinctive feature of our QMS products is that there is no need to purchase all the system at once. You will be able to gradually build it up thanks to our multi-module products. Additionally, our modules can integrate into any solutions on the IT market. This approach is a major advantage in a competitive environment.
QMS Service Manager
QMS Portal
QMS IT Metric
QMS Lingvo
An ITSM system based on an open source software.
A portal solution compatible with the main ITSM systems on the market.
An analytical processing system that helps create and automate any type
of accounting.
An alternative solution to the existing portals and mobile applications that works through popular messengers.
A module that helps create a full-scale CRM system out of an ITSM system.
A solution that provides automated email sorting through linguistic text analysis.
Sky Search
A system based on artificial neural networks that use elements of artificial intelligence. It provides an automated sorting of electronic documents (agreements, curricula vitae, electronic mail) and any other unstructured electronic content with the aim of its classification, routing, and editing.
Business process audit
Information Technology audit
Organizational measures to implement IT processes
Software development in accordance with client's demands
Software supply and implementation
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